Mini series!

I am making a origami Yoda mini series! If you want to be in send an audition to you can audition for every character!


i will email you if you make it! The audition must be a video, if you make it I will send you scripts. I am almost done writing season 1. It will be epic! I hope you audition and make it!


SF Grant

From the Wiki

Interview with Harvey (With SF Grant from the wiki as reporter)

Harvey: Do I have to do this again?

Grant: Yes!

Q: Harvey Is JC smarter than you?

A: NO WAY! Just because he beat my high score doesn’t make him smarter than me! Yes tommy I am directing this at you.

Q: Is there multiple standardized testing subjects at your school or one?

A: Multiple but each grade focuses on 1 subject

Q: How is the grading scale work?

A on a scale of one through five

5= 90-100%





Q: Can you fold a Fumihaki Kawahata Origami Yoda?

A: Kind of it’s better than Dwight’s

Harvey: Hey did you know if you get a 2 or lower you get in remedial class’? 3 and some 4 get in normal and some 4’s and all fives in advanced?!

Grant:I really don’t-

Harvey: On math I got a 5!

Grant: I don’t care!

Q: Is Dwight your friend

A: no comment

Q: Where did your cousin JC get the idea of Jacob Minch?

A: Not a clue but none of those “EU” stories happened

Harvey: Want to know my IQ!

Grant: NO!

Harvey: Hey did you know tommy got a 3 on reading!?


Q: did the series JC made happen?

A: yes it did

Grant: Final question

Who is Jacob Cornelius from Tommy’s petition?

A: Some kid who is quiet all the time

grant: next question!

Harvey: You said last question!

Grant: So

Q: What do you where to a formal event

A: A nice shirt, a necktie, sometimes a tweed jacket, and pants

Grant: What about Undershorts!

harvey: that to

and that was my interview with Harvey




5000 dollar bill


Now of course I don’t own a five thousand dollar bill but this is my favorite bill the U.S. Ever made. Fun fact they used to make much higher bills including


500 with William McKinley

1,000 Grover Cleveland

5,000 (pictured) James Madison

10,000 Simon P. chase

And  a Gold certificate for a 100,000 Woodrow Wilson

From 500-10,000 were avalible for every day use and the 100,000 bill was for internal transactions.

fun fact a man tried to pay for a meal at Applebee’s with a phones trillion dollar bill and was arrested.