Interview with Harvey (With SF Grant from the wiki as reporter)

Harvey: Do I have to do this again?

Grant: Yes!

Q: Harvey Is JC smarter than you?

A: NO WAY! Just because he beat my high score doesn’t make him smarter than me! Yes tommy I am directing this at you.

Q: Is there multiple standardized testing subjects at your school or one?

A: Multiple but each grade focuses on 1 subject

Q: How is the grading scale work?

A on a scale of one through five

5= 90-100%





Q: Can you fold a Fumihaki Kawahata Origami Yoda?

A: Kind of it’s better than Dwight’s

Harvey: Hey did you know if you get a 2 or lower you get in remedial class’? 3 and some 4 get in normal and some 4’s and all fives in advanced?!

Grant:I really don’t-

Harvey: On math I got a 5!

Grant: I don’t care!

Q: Is Dwight your friend

A: no comment

Q: Where did your cousin JC get the idea of Jacob Minch?

A: Not a clue but none of those “EU” stories happened

Harvey: Want to know my IQ!

Grant: NO!

Harvey: Hey did you know tommy got a 3 on reading!?


Q: did the series JC made happen?

A: yes it did

Grant: Final question

Who is Jacob Cornelius from Tommy’s petition?

A: Some kid who is quiet all the time

grant: next question!

Harvey: You said last question!

Grant: So

Q: What do you where to a formal event

A: A nice shirt, a necktie, sometimes a tweed jacket, and pants

Grant: What about Undershorts!

harvey: that to

and that was my interview with Harvey




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