A Q & A with Dwight Tharp

Hi guys! This is CPH talking. I had recently emailed Dwight Tharp to do a Q & A with him. He said “Purple” of course, but I took that as a yes, so I emailed him the following questions:

Q: What is your favorite color?
A: Purple.

Q: What inspired you to make Origami Yoda?
A: Purple.

Q: Would you like to show us how to fold Origami Yoda on this site?
A: Purple.

Q: Do you have a crush on Caroline?
A: Uhhhhhh……………uhhhhhhhh…………..purple?

Q: Why don’t you ever write files in any of Tommy’s case files?
A: Purple.

Q: Is Origami Yoda real?
A: OF COURSE! (This is pretty much the only answer I got from him that wasn’t “Purple”.)

A: Brown.

If I get 5 likes, I will do more Q & As with more characters!

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