Hi guys! It’s me, CPH! I am happy to announce that the cover for Book 6 has been revealed! Check it out!:
After you see it, come back and tell us what you think in the comments!

To the SFs Who Want to Know How I (C.P.H.) Made My ORIGINAL Foldy Wan…

Hi guys! This is CPH here! Now, a lot of you have been asking how I made my original purple Foldy Wan Kenobi. Well, this is very hard to say, but I actually don’t remember. It’s kinda like with Tom and his Cover Yoda. I do know the beard is extra pieces of paper, and that it is VERY similar to Tom’s instructions. I cannot unfold him because (believe it or not) I have sent it to Trevor as a personal gift. Now, I am asking you nicely, DO NOT BUG SF JEDI TREVOR ABOUT THE FOLDY WAN!!! HE DOES NOT KNOW EITHER!!!!! I have actually never attempted to recreate the finger puppet, but since I have been getting so many requests for instructions, I will ATTEMPT to recreate it as a special thanks to all the fans who love mine, SF Jedi Trevor’s, and the rest of the website’s council’s origami. So, wish me luck, and may the folds be with you. Always.

The Return of Darth Yoda: NOW ON THE EU! Also Discussion Page

Hey guys! CPH here! You know that story I was working on, The Return of Darth Yoda, right? Well, IT’S FINALLY ON THE EU!!! Check it out!

After you read it, THIS IS THE ONLY PAGE WHERE YOU CAN DISCUSS/POST SPOILERS ON! IF YOU POST SPOILERS ON ANY OTHER PAGE, YOUR COMMENT WILL BE DELETED! So, tell me what you liked/disliked about the story in the comments. Or you could just hi. This CPH signing out!

New Website!

Check out my friend’s new website,! He will be posting origami. and not just Star Wars origami! He will be posting all sorts, such as Minecraft, TLP, etc. Check it out!



SF CPH’S STORY: The Return of ________?

Yes, I made a story that JC will post on the OY EU. Don’t ask who will return in the story, but let me just say it is someone from the OY books and not from the EU. Can you guess who? When JC posts the story, I will post the link. Also, whoever guesses the cover star of my story will win an email of the unedited version of the story before it comes out (if JC lets me)! I will be really surprised if anyone figures this out!

The Return of Who