Okay, hello guys!

yes as the title says I’m interested in making an sf yearbook!!!!

it will be hard work but very fun hard work!!!!

first things first we gotta see who wants in the year book and if you are,

comment below!!!

also, so we can get you in there we need information about you!!!

so send me an email, or go to the chatroom, whatever you think works!!

and tell me your hobbies, sf name, what you look like, (If you use email it would be best to send a doodle so I can redraw it for the yearbook) and your origami character of choice!! (cause believe it or not they will be in there too!!!!)

If you send an email, be sure to send it to: and the title of the email must be “SF YEARBOOK 2014” I’m gonna try to get Tom and wb Sam on in this because they are in it too and I want everyone to see it!!!

lastly spread the word AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE SERIOUSLY!!





28 thoughts on “SUPERFOLDER YEARBOOK?!?!

  1. Hi 1 I’m SuperFolder Foldawan 1 I am one of the older SFs , and This is a terrific idea having a SF yearbook ! I will just tell you some info about me here ! :
    1. I am an origami master
    2.i am a fan of Star Wars , the oy series , origami , doodling , and minecraft
    3. my first name is Jacob.
    What’s your email so i can send you a photo of me ? Please reply , BYE ! 😀

  2. My name is Riley (dumcheese) and I am almost a superfolder but am not yet, I would like to be in the Yearbook! I love Origami, Minecraft, LEGOS, and the oy books.I hope I can begin it. And I will email you a picture of me!

  3. Hi. I am C.J. (darthcjdude) and I am famous for being the most youngest sf ever. (10 years old!) Tee hee. I WAS a superfolder til the new site came then everyone had to RE-become a superfolder again. i didnt though. Anyways I like art, origami, tech, extercise, minecraft, gravity falls, terraria, roblox and stuff. I also had faced a hacker before who almost destroyed my account, and the EU!

    So um….. i will send you a picture of me. (and my 2922278 freckles :LOL: )

  4. My nickname is C.P.H. (my real first name will be a secret, but you could find it in my early videos and posts on my website), and I like Minecraft, finding out urban myths around the internet, 80’s video gaming, 80’s-90’s cartoons, anything nostalgic, I sadly have a confession: I never seen the Star Wars new movies, only the original trilogy. Go ahead, laugh. 😦 Anyways, my favorite OY character is either Harvey or Dwight, my choice of puppet is Jar Jar Binks (he is my absolute favorite Star Wars character, and I feel bad for him.). I am 12 years old, and I have a passion for film making, and dream to one day make a movie, star it, direct it, and write it. I also had to deal with a hacker/entity on Minecraft. Hint: he has the default skin but with white eyes and once hacked my MC account. You already have a pic of me, I hope. My SF name is SFCPHP. My website is

  5. SF Robby
    Hobbies: Pokemon
    Building with LEGO Bricks
    For my picture, there was a thing on the old site where Tom had us draw Kellen Style doodles of ourselves. Mine is basically Dwight’s face, but I have nicer hair, a regular triangle nose, and I have an Origami. Pikachu on my finger. I will go find the link to that post.

  6. I would like to be in it! My sf name is Imapeppper12! I will email you pic of a me so you can doodle me in and do you want me to send a pic of my favorite oy guy?

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