The Return of Darth Yoda Alternate Ending

Duel of the Clones
By Dwight
I have never written a case file before, but Tommy told me to do it or Harvey would kill Origami Yoda. Anyways, Tommy handed me Darth Yoda during lunch. I put him in my pocket, and I saw Harvey coming in with a NEW Darth Yoda! I decided to tell him that now I have a Yoda to use. Harvey then said in his Yoda voice, “Duel we must. Only one survivor there will be.” Then, we put lightsabers on our Yodas and dueled. As our Yodas dueled, Harvey then led me into Rabbski’s office since she was on her lunch break in the teacher’s lounge. I saw Origami Yoda was tapped to Rabbski’s shredder! Harvey then ripped his old Darth Yoda off my finger and threw it into the shredder! As soon as it was gone, I heard in my head, “Always with you the Force will be.” I then quickly took Origami Yoda off the shredder, ripped Darth Yoda off Harvey’s finger, and threw him in the shredder. I then realized the security tapes and TVs were on Rabbski’s wall, so I took the footage of Harvey stealing from my personal locker, and said to him that if he makes another Darth Yoda again, I will show Rabbski the footage and get him expelled. Harvey then yelled, “YOU HAVEN’T HEARD THE LAST OF ME YET!” and took off. I then went to my locker, put the footage in it, and I haven’t touched it since.
Tommy’s Comment: Wow. That was EPIC!

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