Jedi Trevors UPDATE!!!

Hey guys sorry for being gone so long, I’m now back!!!
I’ve been gone because I’m still working on The Help Of Boba Fold.
I’m trying to give it that origami Yoda feel. And believe it or not… Writing a story is super hard!!!!!
So sorry for the wait, but I’m hoping that the story will be released in may, because I’m about half way done and I only have to write a couple more stories. Now my story is different than MOST of the stories on the EU, usually the stories on the EU are short, Mine is a Shortish Medium.
Sorry for the wait! And don’t worry I’m pretty sure everyone will enjoy this story! (I hope!)

One thought on “Jedi Trevors UPDATE!!!

  1. COOL! Don’t send it to the EU. For some reason he is making the stories be part of the same story line instead of whatever…

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