A Message from the Site Crafter

Hi guys. This is CPH talking. Sorry I haven’t been making much crafts for you guys. I have been busy with school and stuff and I’ve been working on an instrux video for Foldy Wan. I promise I will be more active with the crafts and I will be posting crafts on weekends and sometimes Fridays. This is CPH signing out.


10 thoughts on “A Message from the Site Crafter

  1. Does the site crafter make origami for people? If he does then I wanna try to! not to replace, but to work with. I think it would be cool to try, and I LOVE origami :). Also, I have an idea for a web series, if you are interested reply in this thing :D!!!!

      • Also, SF Michael, if you want to assist as a second site crafter, you would have to ask SFJediTrevor because as most of you all know, I do not own this site. I am just taking Trevor’s place for the time being, like a substitude. I don’t think I will be running the site very longer though, because I know Trevor will return AT LEAST by Halloween, so don’t give up on him!

      • yeah i asked Trevor on a part of the site… it was Hall of fame. He said it was Okay. I emailed him some origami, but I guess he isn’t that active cuz I emailed it like 3 weeks ago. So Idk if I am or not, I need clarification from Trevor… where is he? you said he will return??

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