I have been convinced and here to stay on the site,
I don’t know why I wanted to delete a popular site because as of today we have 5,567 views total!!
That’s excellent!
The site is here to stay!!!
The bad news is my friend who is a new SF will most likely take over all of this that has happened to me needs to be left in the dirt and be done with no more battles no more making me feel upset no more anything like that so when jabba comes out,
A week after that will be when he might take over.
Sorry but it has to be this way!
As for my origamyod channel I will post vids every so often but my vids… Will no longer involve OYTS or anything.
Maybe an SF news like once every 2 months.


12 thoughts on “THE SITE WILL NOW STAY!

  1. Trevor! I got your email! I don’t hate or not trust you because you are my friend. Don’t let JC or the others hurt you. I am on YOUR side and that page The Evil Jawa posted on Origami Yoda Expanded Universe saying you were evil and a liar was terrible. That page was like cyberbullying. Don’t let them get to you.

    • I won’t be mad at you if you even if you did lie because I think you are trustworthy and sorry for the bad typing because I’m typing on m y phone cause I’m in North Carolina ! And I sent you my letter a few days ago did you get it! And if its okay with you can I join the chat

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