Am I making a fan novel to send to Tom Angleberger himself???

actually yes!!! and im hoping he will take it and publish it into a book to!!! this is after ART2D2, so maybe it will give you guys some insights on book 4!!!!!

and guess guess what??? Im one of the main characters, and im  kind of like Dwight…..

but enjoy this free sample of the first case of the first case of the file!!!


Trevor McBride



                                                          The strange case strikes back!!!


The new kid

By: Tommy



After I talked to Dwight I haven’t heard from him since then.

Since all of us kids at Mcquarrie found out about the fortune wookie and Han foldo was just some little scheme, and they were Frauds they didn’t give as good advice anymore.

All hope was lost.

Until Dwight came back we would not have anyone to give us advice in a time of need for our problems.

But that is until the new kid came. We saw

(E.V.I.L) Principle Rabski chewing Out Ben because he had his origami in his hands and we can only have our origami in the library, then he walked away nearly crying, anyways Rabski was showing a boy about my age around the school and guess what??????

He looks just like Dwight!!!!

I wanted to run over to him and yell “Dwight!

Dwight! Your back!”

But the boy did not have Dwight’s usual overalls or


As soon as Rabski left the boy (that’s my age and looks just like Dwight,) pulled out a green Piece of paper that was neatly Folded piece of paper………………

Origami Yoda!!!!!

Now I was officially scared, was that a new Dwight???

Did Dwight switch himself from being completely weird to just carrying around origami Yoda????

Was this really a completely different person AKA “THE NEW KID” and not Dwight?????

I Walked towards him and was about to find out.

I ran over towards him and asked him

What his name was he said his name was Trevor and we shook hands.

And (even though I already clearly knew,) I asked what

What he had, and he said he had a origami Yoda.

I asked him if it gave advice and he said Yes then Yoda said “a dark path ahead I see.” Yoda said in a squeaky voice………

So the question……… or two questions this time, can origami Yoda have a twin?

And can Trevor’s origami Yoda give as good advice as Dwight’s?

Harvey’s comment:

That was a lame short story to put in your case file!!!!

And now we have another Dwight!?

Just what we needed Dwight and paper wad Yoda has returned oh joy!! }:(

Tommy’s comment:

Yeah it is what we needed! Without Dwight and origami Yoda McQuarrie is a total wreck!!!

I’ll tell everyone about the new kids (and new Yoda’s return.)


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